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The Mat Mover II was the brain child of Coach Carolynn Kloese and her husband Dean. After five seasons of coping with the bulky and time consuming chore of moving her teams dollamur competition mats around for practices, games, and in and out of different storage areas, she complained to her husband that there had to be a better way to move these mats! Dean, being the problem solver came up with the solution. The mat mover was born! The mat mover set helped in so many ways, cutting set up time in half while reducing the wear and tear on the mats and those that had to move them. We often used the mat movers during half time at games to quickly set up the competition floor, execute our routine, and clear them off with plenty of time to spare. It was after one of these games that we were asked an important question; "Where can my team get a set of mat movers?". The answer to that question is here at www.cheer-solutions .com

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